The Best Gift: Fun Portraits

Every year I have a couple of gift guides I throw at you, including my favorite gift, drawings/paintings/sketches. Personally I cannot make an assemblage of limbs close enough to be called a portrait, and that is why I call on my favorite ladies.

Ramsey and Fee are the two I try to keep in touch with, because their styles are my absolute favorite.


Although it is a bit late for a huge detailed piece, you might be able to persuade her into making a picture you could print onto gift tags or address labels for cards. Last year, The Beau commissioned her to do a picture of me, ‘peppering’ away at my typewriter and I bawled. It was so thoughtful of both of them. Her insanely awesome sketches are collectible in their own right. When we moved last year, I had her make a little sketch to send out with our new address and every single person that received it still has it tacked up to their fridge or bulletin board. Now that we have changed in the looks department, I’m thinking about getting another one done (even though we aren’t moving.) That’s how much I love her work.

photo from ramsey’s flickr


Fee Harding is a sketcher from down under whose sketches can be cute and girly, or grittier and more realistic, which is great if you’re trying to capture a certain something.

This portrait sends me swooning. I adore it.

You can also browse through her store and get a little something for  yourself, too!

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