Less Than A Week of Shopping

This elf is here to help.

“How do I find a good gift for _____(friend/family member)?”

Since I like to give random gifts, I get asked this question quite a bit. I couldn’t possibly help everyone individually, but I can direct them according to their styles and price range. Plus, I read a LOT of blogs that know exactly what people want, so that’s helpful.

These are my top four inspirations:

Cup of Jo’s Gift Guides. Joanna Goddard has a great gift for everyone on your list, with great titles like: Your Beautiful Mom Who Gives Pitch-Perfect Advice and Has a Secret Crush on Niles From Frasier.

Design Sponge. Their massive gift guide section breaks down ideas by price, person, even color. So awesome.

My random guide. SHAMELESS PLUG. If you are looking for more silly gifts, I’m your gal.

And – your favorite blogs usually have great wishlist that might inspire you to add a few things to your own list, or things you know would be perfect for your BFFF.

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