Take Five Friday: A Week of Happy

I am totally happy right now because of:

seeing this kick live (this is top of my list right now and probably will be for a while) and meeting Ben Fowlkes in person and giving him cookies!photo credit: Josh Hedges

my mom’s birthday coming up this weekend, which means family time and laughs

(mom giggling with her girlfriends, far right)

cookie exchange at work meant I came home with a veritable schmorgasbord of treats!

 I don’t have any pictures of my cookies yet, and besides, Christine Tsai’s picture is phenomenal. (Serious Eats Cookie Swap)

I got to start putting together surprise balls for my out-of-state friends and gathering trinkets is tons of fun!

photo credit

Lastly, I am happy about getting over my sickness. Unfortunately that means I got The Beau sick, but I am almost back to 100% and feel like punchin’ and kickin’!

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