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I would be remiss as a blogger AND list lover if I didn’t make some top (insert number) lists. So here we go:

Top 4 Movies I Saw in Theatres:

4. Faster. This was a great almost campy revenge flick. I couldn’t help but compare it to Kill Bill though, which took me out of the film.

3. Salt. A great espionage flick.

2. Despicable Me. An adorable and still smart movie. IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE.

1. Inception

Top 17 Movies I Saw in the Comfort of My Own Home:

17. Friday. Seriously. Seriously. This movie is so good I am almost ashamed to admit I haven’t seen it until this year. So much of my life has been lacking because of this. I may be a tad hyperbolic, but this movie is awesome.

16. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

15. Little Shop of Horrors. My youth was wasted not watching this. How could my parents let me watch California Raisins’ Specials and Ghostbusters, but I never saw this?!

14. Kick Ass

13. Chocolate. Autistic girl learns Muay thai from watching school next door, beats up thugs to get money for her ailing mom. Sounds weird, but totally amazing.

12. Seventh Seal. The movie that influenced Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey’s Death and subsequently chess game is surprisingly grim, dudes.

11. Hebrew Hammer. The greatest power a Jew could attain? GUILTx12! So funny.

10. A Woman is a Woman. At first I didn’t understand why every girl LOVES this film. But the more I let it sink in, and then watched again, it grew and established itself in me. I love the fight between movie titles.

9. House of the Devil. Filmed last year, made to look like a devil-cult horror film from the early 80’s. They f*ckin’ NAILED it.

8. Child’s Play. Still terrifying, after all these years.

7. Big Fan. It was beautiful and touching and real. In an embarrassingly close-to-home (yes, I have wrote out speeches for over the phone conversations before)

6. Elevator to the Gallows. This is probably the one I would recommend over all the other on my list. If that makes me a snob, so be it. It was tense and tightly wound. Like Hitchcock and Rod Serling had a sophisticated baby.

5. Funny Games. The original version. So violent but a great movie.

4. Black Dynamite. No words. Okay, maybe one: funny.

3. Who’s That Girl? Oh Madonna, let us just remember you how you were.

2. Raising Arizona. Of course this one is good. Doi.

1. Over the Top. All I have to say is:

Top 6 TV Shows:

5. Archer. I like watching shows with no commercials, hence why I am willing to wait to be able to watch all of a show at once. So glorious. I always loved Sealab 2021, so this show appealed to me immediately.

4. NewsRadio. Thank you Netflix. Andy Dick before his threshold for drugs became so high he became unlikeable. And Joe Rogan playing a character named Joe, who could be a flat character based on Rogan’s random points. So funny.

3. Futurama. Once again, thanks to Netflix I am able to watch an old tv show and get infinity times more appreciation from it. What hit me the most was its seemingly out-of-the-blue and extremely poignant episodes. I mean, running away from unwanted motherhood? And let’s not forget Fry’s dog that sits and waits for him for 12 years after Fry is frozen? Blubbering. Even as I type this.

2. Parks and Recreation. DJ Roomba. A possum (“he touched all your bras I’m sorry!”). A Tourist. That show is- dare I say it?- more awesome than 30 Rock.

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1. Saxondale. If you have Netflix Streaming, you are doing yourself a disservice by not watching this. Reaffirming my love for Steve Coogan, Saxondale is so sardonic and hilarious that I am dreading coming to the end.

Top 6 “Mehs:”

Brief Interviews With Hideous Men

Year One


My Name is Bruce

The Losers

Bitch Slap

They weren’t bad, but they were missing a certain something to make them good.

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