Pushing the Reset Button on Focus

As this new year rolls in, I keep swaying back and forth with the focus of my blog. I don’t know if I want to bin everything I am working on in drafts and start completely fresh, if I should keep the focus straight and narrow (crafting? writing? MMA? baking?), or find some sort of happy medium.
Finally I realized that all this stress was not helping anything.

So, I decided to hit the ‘RESET’ button.

I have decided to just keep writing and picturing, guilt-free. I am mainly using this as a place to sort of unload ideas, inspiration and helpful info. I would like to write more about myself and my daily life, but daily life isn’t really something to write home about. I might put together posts each week-end about the highlights of the week. Which might make for funny reading. Or not. Whatever, it’s my blog. I’m not paying you to read it, you three people who actually read it.

So, highlight of this last week was:

whoopee pies! For The Beau’s birthday I made super-healthy whoopee pies, then several days later he mad reverse (with white outsides). They were both tasty, but I wished his frosting was in my pies.

I made mine with Neuchâtel and confectioners sugar. While it was very tasty, his was made with marshmallow fluff. If you know my predilection toward marshmallows, you know how I melted when I tasted this.

So anyway, back to the reset button. If you see something on the blog that you like, make a comment. Email me. Or my favorite: @message me on twitter with a “hey @pepperjess, nice post today.”


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