Donations and Charity

photo via robopanda on uproxx

Something I did in 2010 quite a bit more than I ever have, in any other year, was donate to causes/charity. I still don’t know why I didn’t start doing this earlier.

Usually when I buy something, I think about the money I used and the work I did to earn it and give it away so freely. But every time I donated, I kept thinking, I wish it was more.

I never had “buyer’s remorse” when it came to donations, so I think I will be doing much more donating to causes I believe in this 2011.

Here’s a couple of things I donated to this past year: 

– Alzheimer runners. Well, people who ran in races for Alzheimer’s research. My cousin runs for fun, bikes for pleasure and is a all-around outdoorsy fun guy. When he decided to run to help Alzheimer’s, how could I not encourage him?! Although it probably would have felt better to actually raise money myself and run with him, I still feel pretty darn good about helping out.

– Kickstarted some people. This year I found out about Kickstarter, and I am hooked. I love the idea of having a place where many independent spirits share their visions and what you can do to help. Motorcycle boats, beer crafters and Vivian Maier. Am I allowed to say I am a “film backer” now? 🙂

– I finally got sick of Jimmy staring at me with his crazy eyes. I donated to wikipedia. Now when he looks at me, it’s more of a “can you believe everyone else hasn’t donated yet? I know right?!”

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