Being Sick is Not My Forte

Epic sick bedheadedness.

So, if it seemed strangely quiet to you around here last week, that’s because I was sick. Not just “oh, head cold I just gotta-OH HEY LOOK INTERNET!” but a knock-out, haymaker, bed-ridden, couldn’t stare at the internet for more than 5 minutes sort of thing. Yeah, it was that bad.

Anyway, I am able to use my body without pain now, so that means I am on the mend! Huzzah!

I wanted to put together a post of things I am thankful for while I am sick and let me tell you, they are FEW, my friend. I love being lazy and willfully sitting around, but when my body shuts down and FORCES me to? Not cool, bro. I go a bit bananas.

So, the top 5 things I am thankful for while sick (in no particular order):

5. My Tortilla Guard. When I hang out on my day off in my pj’s on the couch, he could not care less. If I am in bed sleeping with VapoRub at arm’s length? He’s right next to me, sending out his good puppy vibes. When The Beau would take him for walks he would hang back and look at me as if to say “is she going to be okay without me?” He never, ever shies away from a walk, so that was soooo weird and ever-heartwarming.

4. Shower Soothers. oh wait I didn’t get to use one this time around they seemed to have VANISHED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH! I know I have used one before, I didn’t make them up! I have half a mind to just make my own. Oooh…idea!

3. Netflix Instant Watch. Thank jeebus for this. I don’t know how I would have survived without continual watching seasons of The X-Files and Futurama.

2. Comfort foods. Mac n cheese with hot dogs hands down, my favorite comfort foods. So what does The Beau make me in the fit of my fever? MAC N CHEESE WITH HOT DOGS! BECAUSE HE IS THE AWESOME!

which brings me to the next…

1. The Beau. Without him I’d be a starving, sick, puddle of a person. He is seriously 20x better at being a nurse/doctor than stupid Zach Braff, without any of that cutesy fluff. *fist bump* Thank you, Beau.

oh yeah, and fuzzy Cookie Monster socks.

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