New Blogs I Love

Every once in a while I go a-hunting for new blogs to revive my Google Reader. I get frustrated when I get in a rut and end up unsubscribing to a bunch of blogs that irritate me in their sameness. Why do I need 27 blogs of girls in the woods with lens flares obscuring everything?!?!

Well, the last few weeks have been amazing! In these new-to-me blog discoveries, I have found a bevvy of diamonds! I was also over the moon to find a couple that are right here in my very own state!

photos via flickr.

Sometimes Sweet. This blogging mama dispatches her wonderful style and sweet family goings-on from small town Arizona. I am completely happy because I found not one but TWO bloggers in my home state that are right up my alley. Dani’s baby boy and beautiful tattoos are just as marvelous as her blogging spirit!

photos via flickr.

Chelsea and her Tea Talk. The other of my home-grown girls, Chelsea blogs her daily outfits and fun adventures – my personal favorites being all the breakfast outings! Although I have to admit I am jealous of her wonderfully crafted, thrown-together-but-gorgeous style, I adore her laid back and charming nature.

photos via flickr.  I had to include a portrait of her astoundingly adorable Doxie, Beatrix!

I Go By Katie. Firstly I have to say, I love her picture aesthetic because they look like they were washed and dried a little on the beach. I seriously spent all Friday a few weeks ago poring through her back catalog of blog posts. I usually take my time and take weeks and weeks to go through people’s posts, and mostly skim, but Katie’s keen eye and well-curated sense of style is quite breathtaking. It doesn’t hurt that she is an extraordinary photographer. When I find myself saying, “I wish I took that picture,” I know it is the start of a beautiful friendship. She has fabulous diy’s ( I am trying her quick quilt as soon as I thread my new sewing machine!) and enticing etsy treasuries, too.

Have you found any new blogs you just have to share?

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