Ship’s Mast and Other Dumb (Great) Car Stunts

With all the stupid stuff I did with my first car, I have no idea why I never tried this. Some of the things I accomplished during the reign of my Moon Car:

  • I piled as many friends in that wagon as possible and drove to downtown, seedy Phoenix looking for streetwalkers. We found one that looked like a very homely Cher, and then promptly got lost and ended up at the state mental hospital parking lot. Once again, very late at night. Equals CREEPY.
  • Driving out to the edge of the desert in town (which is now no longer desert but a JW Marriott resort) and watching the bats fly around gracefully and eat bugs.
  • Just driving around in general. Back before gas prices went nuts and the environment didn’t need my help (HA!), my favorite way to relax was to drive the 101 late at night in the middle of the week. The road was definitely a calming thing for me.
  • My BFF at the time and I drove down to Tucson and stopped along the way to eat lunch near an ostrich farm. We sat on the roof and ate corn dogs as truck honked and the ostrich…also honked.
  • My ceiling was covered in pictures. Mostly pictures of friends and some signatures and quotes from them.

I adore zoe bell, and if she can do this, I can train to do it too, right?!

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