Inspiration Board, 2011

I promised some pics of my new and improved 2011 inspiration board.

Well, here it is!

You can click the image to see it larger, or go to my flickr to see all the shots.

It’s a lot less psychedelic than last year’s – although I couldn’t completely get rid of the neon in my brain – but this year I have some new things I want to focus on, get back into self-reflection and self-bettering. I don’t quite know what that means, but that’s what this year will be about, finding out the answer to that question I’ve been asking myself.

I love the “no pain, no gain” quote next to the amazing Esther Lin’s photo of Arlovski.

I also thought I would leave some open spaces on this year’s board, to make room for adventure trinkets and souvenirs of the year.

Have any of you made an inspiration board or two?


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