Week in Review

What I did with my time this week…

I used Chloe’s tips to find and brew some excellent coffee

Daydreaming about spring picnics, with vivid tablecloths and nails as fresh as Kaylah’s from Dainty Squid

I plastered The Beau’s fruit with sentiments he would enjoy on a day of which he’s not a big fan. Twig and Thistle Idea, found on Say Yes to Hoboken

This was last week, but I made an awesome and healthy smoothie thanks to joy the baker. I left out the kale and it was still great!

Rode to the library and got this book. I can’t wait til I can actually use it!

photo via

Gratefully I was able to get my sewing machine threaded with help from my friend Melissa at honeybee vintage. Now is the task of figuring out what to sew first! Pillow? Tote bag?

click on the picture to go to their page and listen!

I finally caved to The Beau and Mr. StaticEcho and listened to the podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me. I am kicking myself I didn’t start listening to them before! At least I have so much backlog to listen to, waiting for each new one. The Beau and I listened to it at dinner the other night and laughed so hard he teared up and my abs hurt!

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