Spring Playlist

Everything’s fresh and happy and new and rosy.

It’s spring! Full of spring training ball games, spring cleaning and the parties that following all that cleaning. Plus, only a couple weeks until my birthday!! Gotta get cracking on the last few things on my list!

I have been wracking my brain for a playlist to shake off the wintry blues. I also wanted to be able to share it with you. So I scoured the internet for what to me seemed like the best playlist generator thingy, and in my opinion, grooveshark won because of the vast library it contains.

So here is my spring playlist to you, “Spring Playlist 2011.” I’ll think up a better title for the summer one, I promise! Just click on the picture to be whisked away to Springville!

(original photo via capucha)

UPDATE: I guess I should have said this earlier, but some of the songs are a bit risque. I mean, one is called “Death of a Whore,” which is, you know, self explanatory in the NSFW department.

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