Summer Scent Journey

UPDATE: How funny Gala wrote a post about this too! Great minds think alike; I have had this post in the wings since I got my samples last week!

When it comes to perfume, I am 100% picky. Since I work in a place where a lot of people flow in and out, I take in a lot of perfumes and colognes that make me ill. People use perfume like it is going out of style, and it always makes me think of this quote about perfume that I read somewhere: “Perfume should always be light enough that you have to get close and interested to smell it.”

I also get seriously upset when I’m happily flipping through my ELLE and get accosted with scents that I do not care for at all. Usually when I get my magazines in the mail I rip those out as soon as I take them out of my mailbox. But I adore taking the plunge and finding new scents. Which is why I truly LOVE Lucky Scent. They allow you to buy samples of a fragrance which is absolutely outstanding. A lot of these scents I am grateful I only got a sample of, because I would be very sad to buy a bottle of perfume, only for it to make me go cross-eyed with foul smells. So, here we go, the reviews of my three purchases.

Vanille Bourbon. This is my signature scent. I am quite fond of most vanilla scents anyway, in lotions and candles, but when it comes to something I have to smell constantly all day, I am extremely picky. Most vanilla scents are ultra sweet and smell…well, they smell like they could give you a cavity! This vanilla scent has a base, a sort of foundation that grounds it and makes it a more “grown up” version of a vanilla scent.

Jasmin et Cigarettes. This one is definitely a more niche scent. Like the description says, “this is a glamorous vamp of a perfume.” It is very husky, very much so an after-hours type of perfume. I can only wear it for a date night or happy hour because it is pretty strong. But it is really great. This is a scent where that above quote is extremely important.

Oranges and Lemons, Say the Bells of St. Clement’s. A very traditional perfume. When I saw oranges and lemons in the title, I expected a very citrus-y scent, but it isn’t really. The neroli, vetiver and Earl Grey Tea really tone down all the citrus. It is a lovely scent, but I am still on the hunt for a super citrus scent!

Has anyone else used Lucky Scent, or is on the hunt for their signature scent?

p.s. one of my other favorite scents that I bought to wear myself? Ralph Lauren’s Polo Black.

One thought on “Summer Scent Journey

  1. I couldn’t agree more with that quote! I’m very sensitive to smells and perfumes, but the name ‘jasmin and cigarette’ makes me want to smell it!! What a name!

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