End of Month Tally: March

Kind of strange writing this end-of-month tally while tomorrow will be my week in review, but whatevs…

Books I Read:

How Did You Get This Number? by Sloane Crosley. So, so good. A+.

Month by Month Gardening in the Deserts of Arizona. I found a couple of new plants to try out, but I probably should have got this and made notes back in October. B-

Donations to Charity:

Red Cross Japan. Bien sur. Another great place to donate? DonorsChoose.org. The Beau donated to this not only because he love to help education and learning, but also, to see/hear Stephen Colbert sing “Friday” with The Roots. Everyone wins.

Budget Analysis:

meh. I used my sister’s baby shower as a reason to go to joann’s and michale’s and I went a bit nuts. I have been saving up for a sweet new area rug though, and The Beau gave me the OK to purchase an awesome rug I hope is as awesome as it looks online…


The Keep. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. So awesome and even coping with the frustrations of being a Wolfman, Lon Chaney is adorable and awesome.

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