Week in Review

This week was filled with lots of fun adventures. Shall we?

I hiked North Mountain with my BFFF and went to breakfast after. The next day I ached and felt like someone beat my legs with a 2×4, while she felt fine. I need to get in better shape!

Successfully baked two ultra-delicious lime mini bundt cakes and cupcakes. I wanted to take some more pictures of them, but they are all gone already.
(not pictured) I made an under-21-friendly beverage caddy for an upcoming picnic party.
Decided to go through my address book and send every single person in there a letter or care package. (Are you in my precious little address book? Do you want to be? DM me on twitter or email me your address)

I am trying to hold on and enjoy the last bit of my tabletop garden o’ flowers before the sweltering summer takes over and gobbles them up.

and going to Chop ‘n’ Wok for dinner tonight!!

One thought on “Week in Review

  1. That mini bundt cake looks SO good!! I better bribe you to give me the recipe…or better yet, just make me some:)

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