27 Before 27 Review

Background info: my year to-do goal list.

Well, I didn’t get everything done I wanted to. But I did get a few things done just by having fun. The best part about my unaccomplished things? I am just going to turn them into a summer fun list!


1. Another tattoo, or a beautiful touch-up of my existing ones

2. Get down to ideal weight (including some killer muscles!) I lost 18 pounds, felt good, and gained 5 back. Whoops. Gotta step up the healthy choices for bathing suit weather!

3. Make a vlog

4. Start a photo-folio

5. Begin writing my screenplay

6. Help out at a women’s shelter

7. Successfully grow a garden I managed to keep some annuals alive despite the ridiculous amount of spring heat we have had. I think I have gained enough confidence back that I might actually try some bulbs this fall!

8. Sew my own dress I made skirts, and I like to think that counts.

9. Babysit How could I not cross this one off with this adorable face?!

Photobooth Memories at work (not pictured: 2 more photobooth friends!)

10. Take pictures in photobooths with all my closest friends (though maybe not all at once) I didn’t get all of them, but I got a lot of memorable ones!

11. Do something for my mom she has been putting off doing herself

12. Having a significant amount of clutter released from my house and into the wild

13. Stay in a historic hotel

14. Have a girls night out

15. Road trip! Flagstaff, a couple of trips to Prescott, Disneyland! Definitely feel good about crossing this one off!

16. Have written a short story everyday for at least 3 months

17. Get all my craft hurricanes sorted and organized

18. Bake at least 3 new desserts and 3 new dinners Margarita Bundt cakes, Jerk Chicken, a totally different chocolate chip cookie recipe, cinnamon muffins that could be breakfast or dessert, whoopee pies, Chipotle-style lime rice and chicken (i helped make that with The Beau!)…I need to work on my dinner-making skills a bit still.

19. Photograph lightning

20. Watch a meteor shower

21. Bike to a destination (work, gym, store) Have biked to the library, grocery store (in winter!), to downtown holiday stuff, to buy flowers, to the post office, even to dinner the other day!

22. Not get into debt over Christmas I think the best way to do this is buy presents during the year. I in no way have that forethought, but it always seems like a great idea.

23. Visit friends in another city

That apple was straight Snow White evil. Photo by my cousin Ari.

24. Visit and help my grandma with yardwork and cleaning My cousin and I cleaned her fridge. I believe the oldest thing we found was 2005. I commented that some of our cousins weren’t even born when someone shoved that into my nana’s fridge. So odd.

25. Get my car running in tip-top shape (mostly) by myself

26. Shoot a short movie

photo via

27. Read a classic I have never read before I have re-read several of my favorites this year (Flight to the Mushroom Planet, The Outsiders) but a classic I had never read before was Red Harvest. Holy Cow I felt like my whole life had been a sham because I hadn’t read this!

3 thoughts on “27 Before 27 Review

  1. Great list..and great job on getting those things done!! And, is that my old Alaska shirt from Savers, or did we each own one?…just cause we are that awesome;)

  2. Aw, that shirt was the softest EVER! So glad it’s living the good life with you and not someone else;) Besides…it wouldn’t fit me for a WHILE anyways:) Keep rockin it! Good memories:)

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