Books I Cherish Part Three

In this series of posts, called “Books I Cherish,” I wax poetic on a certain story, book, or even author who has touched my life in a profound/silly/profoundly silly way. As everyone’s experience is different, my views will differ with the “critics” and others views.

My well-thumbed and cherished copy.

Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl by Debra Ollivier

Today I learned that 42% of people who graduate from college never read another book. That is pretty mind-blowing to me.

Rereading this once or twice a year is always enlightening. I love reading it and renewing a sense of being a lady and being a badass.

What I have learned through this book:

+Only keep things that you adore and bring you joy. If someone gives you something you aren’t in love with, set it free. Give it to someone you know will enjoy it, or donate it to the salvation army or like place. Don’t sell it. But the fact is, things you don’t like are taking up valuable place for something you could enjoy.

+Also, holding back…in general. The author notes that it took her two years of being friends with a Frenchwoman for her to open up to her. I like the idea of not spilling over-information to everyone you meet. Not everyone is special enough to enjoy your company and life stories. Curate what you want to share.

+Lastly, all the notes on food in here are fantastic. Enjoying a meal with friends is a whole experience beyond just food or just friends. Choosing your food, not constantly thinking about calories but being mindful of your food, oh, it’s all good!

What is a non-fiction book you can reread every year?

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