Week in Review

This week has been crazy, even without mentioning the fact that I have been having dreams so vivid I am not sleeping correctly. Well, I guess I did just mention it, here are the other things that have been goin’ ’round this week:

I am still recovering from my sister’s baby shower,

Had another birthday party (number 4, for people who are counting) where I got another awesome camera that I cannot wait to use!

I made my very first video with my camera!

original photo via walnut studio, found via wit+delight

Sneak peek for next week – figuring out how I can get this, or make one of my own. Such a great idea.

Last this week, but in the future (tomorrow), I am off to my very last birthday present of the month: The Beau bought us tickets to the Grilled Cheese Invitational in L.A.! Check out the site and if you love cheese like I do, you will know how excited I am. We have had so many ideas of other stuff to do (Griffith Observatory, Tar Pits, etc), but we think we are going to try to make a pilgrimage to the New Beverly Cinema to see a midnight movie showing of The Running Man! Send good luck vibes so we can get tickets!

2 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Um…how did I not know about this grilled cheese event???? I have to go next time! Although…I think I may have to photoshop myself a version of that logo and make it into a shirt for myself:) Had a MAJOR craving for grilled cheese and BBQ sauce the other night. This baby likes cheese…so we can be friends.

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