The Grilled Cheese Saga

The weekend trip to the City of Angels (photo heavy)

Beginning the trip at sunrise. The clouds were unreal.
Uhh, the desert.
Woo windmills!
Woo more windmills!
Ahh, finally made it to the Grilled Cheese Invitational. First sandwich of the day: Breakfast grilled cheese, complete with fried egg and tater tots.
Went straight from breakfast to dessert: grilled s’more, with Nutella instead of chocolate. Top of the pops tasty.
Tillamook’s Baby Loaf! They were also giving out samples of cheese and the “Love, American Style” sandwiches: just bread, butter and cheese. So sharp, so awesome.
Crazy weird Gogol-Bordello Cirque band called March Fourth.
Not pictured: 4 other sandwiches I ate so fast I didn’t get to photograph them. The Elvis: peanut butter and honey-braised bananas on uber fluffy crunchy bread.
Bacon Me Crazy: Brown sugar bacon, mozzarella, sliced strawberries, cayenne and a chocolate balsamic reduction sauce. I went back to buy another it was sooooo good. Also had muletas, cereal bars and MORE CHEESE.
Made it back to motel, checked in and ran to the New Beverly Cinema for a double-feature of “Ministry of Fear” and “The Big Clock.” So incredibly good, I seriously recommend them.
Went to the Farmer’s Market for dinner and breakfast and what a difference! Packed like sardines at night, ghost town at 8am! Had gigantic pizza slices and nutella crepes for dinner, watching people walk around a farmer’s market with actual (not paper) plates and wine glasses. Best people-watching ever. These doughnuts were amazing. Melt in your mouth delicious.
Back on the road. It blows my mind how different LA is to PHX. So green!
It rained as we were leaving.
These clouds be purdy.
Hey look! more windmills. Extreme wind advisory as we were driving through.
Of course as soon as we hit AZ, it’s just hot as all get out.
Haha dust sign and a dust devil.
Out of 18 photos, I put only 4 up from the actual event. What a nerd.

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