End of Month Tally: April

Books I Read:

Flight to the Mushroom Planet, French Ways and Their Meaning, Mistresses of the Dark, re-reading one of my faves. Ugh, just look at that sad little list. I need to get back on the reading train. The Beau and I are really overzealous about our library lists and get a whole bunch of books at once. Not just cookbooks, but several novels all at once. What book fiends! Also, on another book note, my friend Jess has begun an epic journey of reading a book a week. Cheer her on and peek what she’s reading here.


I am still trying to get The Beau to watch Zodiac with me. I should have asked for my birthday! But really, haven’t watched a lot of movies: Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy, Beast with a Billion Backs. The Beau and I had a system a couple years ago that I really enjoyed and think we should get back into: We each make a list of five movies, then the other picks one from the list and those are the two flicks we watch that week.


I was really stumped about where I should send my charity donation this month. I get overwhelmed trying to think about all the things I really love (like bats and space), there are just so many things that need so much help. But then I read the diary Dan Herbertson wrote and photographed on his trip through the desecrated cities in Japan.

Budget Analysis:

Blerg. I am trying to be good and only spend my birthday money on frivolous things. I have learned it is SO MUCH HARDER to spend actual cash. I need to stop bringing my debit card out when I shop and only have cash so I have to make do with whatever cash I have on hand. My friend Melissa has decided to start a little section of her blog showcasing her thrift store finds, and I LOVE this idea. Not only would it give me a fantastic excuse to go thrifting, but it would also give me a reason to get rid of/sell a lot of stuff and only keep what I love.

Also, when we went on our two-day vacation to L.A. for grilled cheese, I used paper money only (from my vacation fund) and still had tons leftover! So, all in all, a budget balance, riiiight?!

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