End of Month Tally: May

Joplin picture source: The Big Picture

Books I Read:

A Red Herring Without Mustard, Wicked Plants, and unfortunately that’s it. I should probably get off the internet right…now and finish a couple more.


Cobra (want a taste? Here’s an opening scene breakdown by Danger Guerrero), the Stand (AMAZING) the Langoliers (Bronson Pinchot, still creepy after all these years)


Joplin, Missouri. Seeing the massive miles of completely decimated communities, it seems so crazy to think that some people have lost absolutely everything. I wish I had any sort of carpentry skills, I would go and start rebuilding tumbleweed-type homes for people.

Budget Analysis:

I need to cut back quite a bit on spending frivolously yet again. As it gets closer to the end of the year move, I keep thinking about purging, selling and all-around doing more with less (money), which is why I put up a picture of me disc golfing (sort of). It’s a relatively inexpensive sport – a cheap disc will only set you back about $6 – you get tons of exercise, and it is a lot more fun than I thought it would be!


Week in Review

Went to an abandoned Greyhound Park at sunset with Annise

Went to Savers and found some devilish fabric, a lamp made from a greek wine bottle, and some other stuff I will have to roundup next week because they’re in the wash.

Finished my book o’ the week, Wicked Plants. Funny to think that even in my tiny garden I have one poisonous plant! Walking around I saw a lot!

Not pictured:

I also put my envelope-puncher to work and sent out a plethora of mini-letters to new and old penpals (thank you, twitter!)

Finally, I baked up a batch of peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies (not pictured because they are all looong gone)

Week in Review

This week, I:

went to ASU Mercado, hung out with smart, awesome people involved in the arts and ate lunch enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather,

fashioned a decorative wall kite from an old shirt,

made a headphone holder from an old learner’s permit using this technique (I may spray paint it, but look at my crazy blonde hair!)

…and began collecting goodies for a fun, outdoor project,

(Ron Swanson loves Li’l Sebastian.)

and said goodbye to Li’l Sebastian, on my favorite show, Parks and Rec.

p.s. I love the above shirt.

Anything of note on your end?

Week in Review

celebrated mothers day in true family style – ate a bacon-laden breakfast then played with hair before pictures.

  • Went up to Prescott, found a Darth Vader mask to boil water in and made gluten free baked mac and cheese for a cousin porch picnic (I am so pleased to report that even without gluten it was tasty). My grandma said I could tell people, fancily, “I had lunch out-of-town.” adorable.
  • I dropped a big glass bottle of sparkling water and although the sound was actually rad (it was still in the shopping bag so it was like a dull thud-poof), I was super sad. Sometimes I really hate being so clumsy and sometimes…sometimes The Beau makes me feel better by buying me two new bottles.
  • I forgot to mention that I got this envelope punch last week and it takes all the willpower I have not to punch everything into a tiny envelope. I asked who wanted tiny notes and already got a few takers. Maybe I can be the Arizona branch of the World’s Smallest Postal Service?
  • Started watching The Stand and as soon as it started, I could feel that I didn’t ever want it to end. It’s rare that something hits me like that. But as with Friday Night Lights (which I am still putting off watching the last couple seasons because of the emotional toll of it), Spaced, and even Marc Maron podcasts, it tugs at my heartstrings because I connect and realize how good it is.
  • I found out that Chris Jones, one of my favorite writers at Esquire (among so many others), has a blog that gives me even more Jones than I knew I could have. And it is good.