Happy Mariachi Monday

I wish I had taken this photo. It makes me all kinds of happy.

photo via Think Photographics

Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo week! I’m going to be perusing fiesta pictures and see if I can make my own papel picado.

A Fortieth Fiesta, courtesy Aesthetic Nest

Another birthday fiesta, but with the all-important addition of luchador masks.

I am obsessed with finding beautiful papel picado pictures. This one makes me want to have it all over my house!

Of course, Martha has all her Cinco de Mayo Crafts in a handy li’l slideshow.

Finally, even though this post is about a Dia de los Muertos Party, the basic Mexican elements are the same!

And although I didn’t explicitly mention it, I will probably be mixing up some margaritas or even perhaps, some Marga-Ditas!

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