Week in Review

Let’s take a stroll through this week in Jessica-ville. This week I:

Made some super tasty cereal bars,

relished in a to-die for strawberry chocolate-pretzel split made by The Beau (in a waffle cone!),

hung out on tv with one of my closest friends and her extremely adorable and well-behaved daughter,

Got all my books from the library!!! For some odd reason it was all crime and mystery for this library go ’round. I think our noir double feature in L.A. had a big effect on me. 🙂

Started putting together my “summer essentials:” bubbles and water guns. Not a bad start, but I need to add my hammock and some blanket forts.

kind of getting the itch for some super-cute short bangs. I even got heart palpitations making this collage!

2 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Thanks again for inviting us with you this week! I am up for a water gun fight any day…and I know Shayne is too! Also, I love your hair right now, but the little bangs are so “Jessica” so I will be excited if you cut them too:)

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