Week in Review

celebrated mothers day in true family style – ate a bacon-laden breakfast then played with hair before pictures.

  • Went up to Prescott, found a Darth Vader mask to boil water in and made gluten free baked mac and cheese for a cousin porch picnic (I am so pleased to report that even without gluten it was tasty). My grandma said I could tell people, fancily, “I had lunch out-of-town.” adorable.
  • I dropped a big glass bottle of sparkling water and although the sound was actually rad (it was still in the shopping bag so it was like a dull thud-poof), I was super sad. Sometimes I really hate being so clumsy and sometimes…sometimes The Beau makes me feel better by buying me two new bottles.
  • I forgot to mention that I got this envelope punch last week and it takes all the willpower I have not to punch everything into a tiny envelope. I asked who wanted tiny notes and already got a few takers. Maybe I can be the Arizona branch of the World’s Smallest Postal Service?
  • Started watching The Stand and as soon as it started, I could feel that I didn’t ever want it to end. It’s rare that something hits me like that. But as with Friday Night Lights (which I am still putting off watching the last couple seasons because of the emotional toll of it), Spaced, and even Marc Maron podcasts, it tugs at my heartstrings because I connect and realize how good it is.
  • I found out that Chris Jones, one of my favorite writers at Esquire (among so many others), has a blog that gives me even more Jones than I knew I could have. And it is good.

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