30 Day Film Challenge – Day 2

30 Day Film Challenge is a challenge that lasts thirty days. It gives me a chance to wax poetic about my favorite medium, and put up silly pictures.

Day 1 – Your Favorite Film
Day 2 (today)- Your Least Favorite Film

This is something that could go on longer than my favorites film category. So many questions I have for so many bad movies. My Blueberry Nights, your story was decent and charming, why couldn’t you keep on track? League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, your characters were fantastic, why couldn’t your plot be better? Number 23, Y U NO LIKE BEING GOOD?

I don’t really have a film that I hate more than the rest. I just get really upset when I feel people don’t try. There are times when I love a movie more when I can tell a director is trying so hard, is passionate about the story, and has a great skill. A good example of this is Romance & Cigarettes. But hey, I shouldn’t go into that because, that’s actually a good movie. So, let’s just say the above three – Blueberry, League, 23 – are the trifecta of my absolutely most disappointing, least-favorite films.

The little bit extra:

photo via

If you have a bad taste in your mouth from the above crap films, go directly to the Silver Screen Society’s tumblr. Each month a group of artists make movie posters for one film. I adored every single May picture for O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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