Week in Review

A pretty light week, picture-wise. Well, I did take a LOT of pictures, but they were basically of the guys disc golfing (see album here), our new athletic obsession. At first I didn’t know if I’d like it, since I’m not very coordinated or athletic but lo and behold, I’m not too bad!

I started the 30 Day Film Challenge! I hope I can keep up and write one every day. I start thinking about each question and I get sidetracked thinking about movies I dislike and love and – what was the name of the one with the guy who was in that other movie?- and as you see, it gets hard. Stay focused!

My little sibling turned 21 this week! I cannot believe that the little boy I used to pour milk in his “ceweal” is now old enough to live on his own and go to a bar and drink. *sniff*

You know how I know it’s summer? Take a look at that last (not very good) photo. That’s our freezer, stocked to the brim with ice cream, frozen yogurt, ice cream sandwiches and my cherished Girl Scout Thin Mints.

What’s goin’ on in your neck of the woods this week? 🙂

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