30 Day Film Challenge – Day 6

30 Day Film Challenge is a challenge that lasts thirty days. It gives me a chance to wax poetic about my favorite medium, and put up silly pictures/videos.

Day 1 – Your Favorite Film

Day 2 – Your Least Favorite Film

Day 3 – A Film You Watch to Feel Good

Day 4 – A Film You Watch to Feel Down

Day 5 – A Film That Reminds You of Someone

Day 6 (today) – A Film That Reminds You of Somewhere

Overdrawn at the Memory Bank = My Granny’s den

I, as a kid of the early 90s, loved MST3K. Well, Is till love it, but I first saw and learn to develop the snark in my humor in my Granny’s den, with my dad, late at night. My dad’s sense of humor is pretty dry and pretty much on par with Crow T. Robot and the gang, so of course he loved the show. One of the episodes we watched was the above memory bank mention, with the awesome Raul Julia. I have no idea how he was talked into doing this movie, but it is here for all to see:

Every time I think about it, I imagine watching in that tiniest of dens, probably an 8×8 but made even narrower with the to-the-ceiling bookcases that occupied one whole wall, that was behind a fishtank. In this cramped space, I stayed up after SNL ended (that’s midnight, AZ time), turned the volume down as low as possible, and tried to silence my guffaws with pillows as I watched these awful movies. Man those memories are awesome.

A little movie extra:

So many awesome movies.

Claudia Varioso’s shop is filled to the brim with amazing movie posters (and postcards!) in simple, clever designs. She has added so many since the last time I poked through, I need to stay away after payday or I might have to forgo eating out for several months!

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