Week in Review

This week was pretty slow…well I take that back – photo-wise, it was slow. I have been mad busy at work and offline.

I have been helping my friend build her dream house from thousands of miles away. She just bought the sweetest vintage house on the East Coast, and it is empty. No kitchen, nothin’. So we have been sending inspiration boards back and forth and it has been so fun but I miss the tangible quality of getting to help her with the hard work. Maybe if she flies me out, I will help her with all the painting, weed-pulling and concrete staining. *nudge nudge*

More disc-golfing. The Beau has been checking out courses within a 400-mile radius so we can have an excuse to road trip and I must say, the thought of going to Balboa Park, Durango and Ventura to disc golf and vacation sounds like the best thing in the world. At the Ventura course you can camp right near the course. CAMPING!

Went on a trek to find more fire hydrants. Have I told you about my fire hydrants? In the city they have commissioned artist to paint over 60 fire hydrants in the historic downtown/Centerline area. I have been on a mission to find them all. At first it was easy because they were all withing walking distance of my office. But now that I have captured all those, I have to actually drive around and search them out. I feel kind of silly, but the fire hydrants are pretty cool. You can see them here.

I decided to take part in StripeMania (is it one word like WrestleMania? idk), and what luck, I had taken stripey pictures the week before!

Not pictured: I also went to a splash pad with The Beau’s nieces and got completely soaked, made myself sad by looking up historic homes for rent that I couldn’t afford/ were located in other states, got fired up about making cereal bars again, found out that you can actually use a fire hydrant to keep cool and create a sprinkler of joy (granted you are over 18 and live in NYC), got out stuff to write letters and put it off (boo on me) and now I have a stack, and had to say goodbye to a book once again because someone else at the library wanted it – third time’s a charm, Cinderella Ate My Daughter.

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