30 Day Film Challenge – Day 13

30 Day Film Challenge is a challenge that lasts thirty days. It gives me a chance to wax poetic about my favorite medium, and put up silly pictures/videos.

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Day 13 – A Guilty Pleasure

Dirty Love

I cannot believe I am putting this up on the Internet for all to read. My street cred as a film-phile could very possibly be shaken by the fact that I own this movie, I love this movie, and I love Jenny McCarthy in this movie. I can’t quite pin down why (the scene above is kind of annoying, yet still makes me laugh because she just can’t help herself, can she?) because she is kind of askew. But I really enjoy the over the top way this movie portrays breakup mourning.

Maybe it’s because I am a sucker for Eddie Kaye Thomas’ dorky and romantic character, maybe it’s because it’s funny or comforting to see a ridiculously attractive woman become a relatable mess when she is cast aside.

I don’t really want to look into it, I just want to laugh when Carmen Electra pulls a gun on McCarthy to make her take a shower.

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