Dressing Up An Envelope With Minimal Effort

I like to think I am a pretty creative person, so when I send letters I like to spruce up the envelopes with anything I can. Which, after the daunting task of thinking of fun things to pack into an envelope, can be pretty daunting indeed. Sometimes I just write extra p.s.’s (p.s.’?) all over when I don’t feel like being overly clever, but sometimes you have a flash of brilliance (and thanks to How About Orange for said flash of inspirado) and decided to pre-pro envelopes and goodies.

I started to pull out my pens and realized that with just a tad bit more effort, I could really make some ridiculous mail art. So I pulled out a few more things:

washi tape, aluminum foil, paper punches, rubber stamps

Also, bottle caps and bread bag fasteners.

If you really want to go out there, you can also peruse rittai konen’s mail art and see if you can top her mailable hair postcard.

If you’re a little stuck for an imaginative way to send photos, you can turn them into polaroids with photojojo’s polapostcards!

Birthday card not cutting it for a long-distance partier? How about a pinata in the mail!

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