Week in Review

All photos by me, except ultrasound via and father’s day card via

This week is actually goin’ pretty well. I:

– crafted my own felt flower garland crowns for a family tea party tomorrow at a lavender farm,

went to a cowboy bar complete with boots hanging from the rafters and a speaker house made from a budweiser 24-pack box,

celebrated Tortilla’s birthday with extra snuggles and a treat,

found out my friend who’s preggers has decided to name her son a totally awesome name: jack anthony,

received pictures I ordered in the mail (anybody want one?!),

and Sunday it’s fathers day this weekend and I have no idea what to get any of my dads. Maybe just beers all around!

One thought on “Week in Review

  1. I LOVED the pic of the flower garlands you sent me! You are officially the felt crafting queen:) And happy birthday to Tortilla! I remember when he entered our lives years ago:) And Im glad you like the name we picked out:) Now Clayton has to approve every clothing decision I make for Jack….my my aren’t we picky all of a sudden?

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