30 Day Film Challenge – Day 23

Favorite Thriller – this one is so tough too. I love thrillers probably more than any other genre. The bad ones are really bad, some unwatchable even. But the good ones, they clutch my heart and don’t let go until well after the movie has been finished.

I probably started this movie challenge to be able to write about all these thrillers I love: Rififi, Brick, Elevator to the Gallows, Ministry of Fear, the Big Clock.

But my the one I’m choosing as my FAVORITE is The Night of the Hunter.

His scary tattooed knuckles and his story of Love and Hate, his denouncing Shelley Winters’ “wont for sin” on their wedding night (and subsequent beautiful demise), the basement scuffle: Robert Mitchum was a dude who could get scary real quick.

photo via Sunset Gun, featuring an amazingly well-written about this big bad daddy.

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