30 Day Film Challenge – Day 28

30 Day Film Challenge is a challenge that lasts thirty days. It gives me a chance to wax poetic about my favorite medium, and put up silly pictures/videos.

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Day 28 – The Most Obscure Film You’ve Ever Seen

Ministry of Fear

The only movie I can think of that fits this category would be Ministry of Fear, because it is old, doesn’t play on AMC and isn’t available on DVD. The only way I would ever see it is to buy it on VHS (and also buy a VHS player), or stumble upon a movie screening. Which I did, with The Beau while on our Grilled Cheese Adventure in April. There was a noir double-screening at the New Beverly Cinema and you had us at noir. We saw The Ministry of Fear and The Big Clock. I enjoyed the former more, while he enjoyed the latter. They were both most excellent, and I am so sad I can’t watch MoF in the comfort of my own home over and over and over again.

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