Week in Review

I didn’t write a week in review last week, because there wasn’t a whole lot to list. So maybe combining two weeks will be pure magic!

Row 1: Last week – took some photos of a tea party, ate some cake at said tea party, hung out on the steps of my grandma’s kickass house with this boot and watched the sun set.

Row 2: Tried to stay out of the heat by doing this. Yes, that is my Netflix recently watched list. That is all Futurama. To be fair, I was cleaning the house while watching them. I drank some very good beer… no really though, that beer was heavenly. Like ambrosia. I went to a baby’s first birthday. Ah, to be young and have a special cake all to yourself…

Row 3: Went disc golfing and didn’t bring my camera. The boys were starting to make fun of me for using my camera as a place marker. This was the only pic I took, and only because those roots looked like a hand! Made some mason jar 4th of July cakes with my sister (mine’s a little empty because I forgot to tell The Beau I was going to take pictures before he dug in!) and I got in the zone and wrote some letters. I love when I get into my Zone!

Have a great long weekend!

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