My Own Little July Celebration

My mom gave me a couple of boxes of my favorite Girl Scout cookies for my birthday (Thin Mints) back in April, and knowing that a) I won’t get any more until January-ish and b) I easily make myself sick by eating too many at once, I decided to spread them out over the rest of the year. I labeled them with the months I could open them, and so guess what that means…


I decided to complement the cookies with some fruit, and that seems to be the best way to make sure I don’t eat a whole sleeve at once.

Do you have any foods you have to trick yourself into not overeating?

2 thoughts on “My Own Little July Celebration

  1. I put tomato slices on my sourdough, pastrami, and provolone grilled cheese sandwhiches. Cause that makes it healthy….right?

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