Week in Review

I made a tumblr for best friend in honor of her birthday. She loved it – what Leo wouldn’t like all that attention?

Took my dad for surgery (don’t worry; he’s fine) and perused his bookshelf (look at those vintage bindings!)

Went to the dentist and it was a good visit. The high after a good dental appointment is like that of acing your final exam.

Lots of monsoons equal not only the best time of the summer (except the oppressive humidity), but also my favorite time to take pictures!

Tore through a lot of “Like You’d Understand Anyway” and it is amazing. Short stories you want to be longer, historical fiction that I crave, it’s all there.

It’s the first week of the month and I haven’t done a month review. I decided 6 months of that was enough. Finances? Meh. Books? Obviously need to read more, always more.

The week in review is much more enjoyable than a monthly one.

Also, the last picture above is The Beau’s concoction. He calls it the Quintuple Quatro. Those Neapolitan OREOs were gone pretty quickly in our house.

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