Week in Review

Let’s see, this week:

I had what started as a girls night dinner with family ladies, then my brother came and we got to take cute pics of him and the baby. Matching stank faces!

Got two letters in the mail this week, one including stationery from the 70s! I say that’s a postal win.

Chilled with my sis and niece.

Celebrated National Smores Day with a trifle concoction.

Not pictured:

  • Dyed my hair. NBD just black. As The Beau said “that’s a good summer color.” *shrug*

I also tried unsuccessfully to convince The Beau to make a stout cake – maybe next week. But he did make me this Strawberry Experiment – strawberry frozen yogurt, strawberry Pop Tarts and strawberry syrup. With whipped cream. I was in heaven.

One thought on “Week in Review

  1. Oh my, that picture of Alex and Reina is hiilarious!! She is getting so big! And Im a super nerd and I clicked on the “favorite person” link…and was so excited that I am one of your favorite people:) Cant wait to see you next week! I have to make sure and get my glucose test done BEFORE we hit up the candy factory tour…

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