Week in Review

Let’s get ready for some weeeek fun!The Beau and I celebrated the very first Sunday of football by having a little snack spread. Actually, all I ate were the football OREOs because they had been calling my name all week.

Honeyscrap is having a giveaway, ending soon!

Working on some DIY crafts to share with you!

Had a surprise picnic with my sis, SIL, niece and my mom! Thank the Universe the weather is cooling down enough for picnics!

Not pictured: got an amazing new (to me) typewriter, working on even more crafts, writing lots of letters!

One thought on “Week in Review

  1. That picture of Reina is too cute!! I cant believe how big she is getting! And I am SO jealous of your typewriter! I cant wait to see what you make with it:)

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