Drinks of the Season

Lined up, ready to go.
Since this is the last week of summer (and with it expected to go back up to 112 midweek, it’s back to the pool for me!), I thought I’d share my favorite summer guzzler.
My hands down favorite drink of the summer has been just plain ol’ gin and sparkling water (I like to call it ‘If It Pleases and Sparkles‘)
But sometimes you can add just a splash of lime and still have a Fitzgerald-approved drink.
Also, the Juliet & Romeo (Beefeater, Mint, Cucumber, Rose Water) is as refreshing as drinking in a rose garden at sunset.
I think gin is my new favorite for summer because it feels so refreshingly pastoral, like a hidden stream had fermented into an alcoholic stream, most likely near the Big Rock Candy Mountain.
What is your favorite summer drink?

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