Week in Review

Vintage Polaroid via HulahoopVintage

Let’s see about this week, shall we?

-As you can see from the photo above, I have been searching for an inexpensive land camera lately. I finished my first roll in my Holga (after a mishap had to re shoot a roll that wasn’t properly secured), and have been thinking about trying several different formats to see which I like best. With all this camera talk I might have to sell some of my older, less used ones to make room for ones I actually like.

-I wandered through labyrinthine antique stores looking for a little bit of everything, for only a couple of pennies. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t find anything in my price range, so went down the street to the Goodwill-style thrift store. Imagine my surprise and delight in finding an entire outfit for $6! I will do an outfit post next week about it, but rest assured, my brain is totally in fall mode with it.

gif via dashedlines

Parks and Recreation and Community had their season premieres last night and I am just so happy to go back to some quality, hilarious TV time on Thursdays. (I could watch that gif FOREVER.)

-UFC 135 tomorrow! I love when there’s an MMA fight on Saturday nights, because 1) I love MMA and 2) we always get pizza that night. PIZZA!

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