Bunny Manual

I don’t remember how I found this Bunny Manual link, but with the Playboy Club TV show premiering last Monday (I didn’t watch it because I was too busy watching 2 Broke Girls), I thought I’d give you some more background bunny stuff I had floating around.

This manual has all the rules, gold star, and demerit info a young bunny would want or need to know about when starting out at a Playboy Club.

To read the whole manual, check out the ex playboy bunny site here.

the Bunny Dip is a back-breaking workout.

“Bunny Dip,” explained:
“Hold the tray with your left hand,
bend at the knee and
serve over your shoulder toward the back”.
Sounds exhausting to me.

I decided for the sake of this article, I’d give the show a chance and watch it on the nbc site. I was not disappointed, and David Krumholtz is in it, so it can’t be bad. I’m not going to say I like it yet, since I’ve only seen one episode, but I am going to say I will definitely be watching the next episode. Plus, can I just pause and talk about how ridiculously perfect everyone’s hair is? I would kill to be coiffed like that everyday.

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