Podcast Love

groovin on podcast love.

I love podcasts. The more I listen to them, the more I try to think about why I like them so much. Other than the fact that so many people tell me that I was born in the wrong decade – the 40s & 50s were really my time – and during that era radio shows were still popular, I think I love podcasts for their enviable storytelling abilities. They make up in fabulism what I severely lack.

I’ve made a list of my very favorites, and ones I’m getting ready to jump into because they have been highly recommended by people whose minds I know and trust.

  • My Brother, My Brother and Me (MBMBaM for short). Three brothers who give advice to those who ask for it, and ridicule (and possibly give very bad advice) to the people of Yahoo Answers. It sounds pretty straightforward, but these guys are so funny that they were my starting point for podcasts.
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour, especially Beyond Belief. I could only hope I can grow into the alcoholic shoes of Sadie Doyle. She is classy, sweet, saucy and terribly, terribly funny. And PFT, well, he’s just like his bio says, “America’s finest…” Start anyplace you’d like, but here is the link to the soundcloud audios.
  • How Stuff Works podcasts (especially Stuff You Missed in History Class). I like these on days I feel unproductive. They’re nice and short, and they make me feel like I learned something. So even if I don’t do anything else all day, I learned one thing.
  • WTF with Marc Maron. He’s a comedian who invites people on a show he produces from his garage. So awesome on so many levels. Sometimes his guests are people that he has had beef or problems, or didn’t like in the past, and that is a very interesting way to talk through it: invite them to talk about it on a public podcast! But since he’s been a stand-up comic for a while, he has a lot of great stories about being on the road, or to commiserate with other guests on the show. Amy Poehler got an apology from him when she was on his show because he would never help her out when she was first in the Second City circuit.

Here a couple that people have recommended, but I haven’t yet delved into yet for some straaaange reason:

  • Mike & Tom Eat Snacks, recommended by both GillianTheGreat and The Beau. “the podcast where your hosts Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh eat, discuss, and rate snacks. ” I don’t think i need to say anything that hasn’t been said already. Sounds fantastic.
  • Hardcore History, recommended by Ben Fowlkes. With titles like “Death Throes of the Republic”, “Old School Toughness” and “Suffer the Children” how could I be kept away?
  • Pod F. Tompkast.  Recommended by everyone who has discerning ears. I don’t know why i haven’t gotten to this one yet. I listen to Beyond Belief, I listen to Comedy bang bang, those all have the Tompkins element, why don’t I take the leap?

Do you have any more recommendations for me to add to my heaping List o’ Listening?

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