Week in Review

Oh man it’s definitely fall/Halloween around these parts! It has finally cooled down enough that I can wear pants! And buy/consume candy corn and not get weird looks!

So, let’s see what happened ’round here this week:

-made some banana espresso chocolate chip muffins with a recipe from sweet pea’s kitchen. It’s amazing I managed to get this one photo. I really should stop mentioning I baked things if I can’t stop shoveling said treats into my mouth to take a proper picture.

-is it just The Beau & me that think the pumpkin candy corn tastes better than the rest?

-the bushes all around our place have been blooming since it cooled down considerably, and I am so glad I captured them when I did because the next day, all the flowers fell off.

-had an impromptu pumpkin-carve with my mom. We decided to brave a Martha Stewart idea and do a reverse carve. You carve so that the design is like a 3-d relief of an image, and the shell around it is carved down so the light will show through. Well, Martha can explain it better than I can.

-The Beau and I are going to a Halloween party on Saturday and I am so excited! I haven’t been to an honest to goodness Halloween party in AGES, so I wanted to do it right. The above photo is my inspiration. Bwahaha!

-Sunday is the Cupcake Love-In and we are going for the 2nd year in a row. So stoked that I am going to try and abstain from snacks and desserts the next couple days *starts doing jumping jacks*

Not pictured: going to a Louis CK show tonight, very stoked.

My List of Halloween Costume Idea Lists

photo via f*yeahnightmares

Yes, you read that right, my list of lists. If you enjoy making lists as much as I do (which is pretty odd for a right-brainer like me), then making lists of lists is the epitome of fun. All the research! When it all comes together you feel like a Knowledge Queen! Anyway, here are some of the great lists of Halloween costumes I have found.

-Yahoo’s 30 easy diy halloween ideas

-Of course, photojojo‘s ideas are photography related. (I love the grayscale/Pleasantville-style idea)

-not martha has a superb list of lists, too. This link to different drink based costumes is a great read.

Real Simple and Martha Stewart has some great family-oriented costumes.

-Most of these costume ideas from babble could be used for kids or adults. Those Fantastic Mr. Fox costumes, oh my goodness!

-SplitSider has a list of comedy-related halloween ideas that are pretty great. If I had short hair I would be Stefon for sure.

-I adore this website, take back halloween. Despite what society says, you don’t have to dress as a slutty ladybug, cop or whatever. You can dress clever and cool without a short skirt.

Bob Hoskins is Awesome

Bob Hoskins, born 26 October, along with some other awesome people.

Still awesome as he ages. Still oh so charming. As it turns out, I have adored him almost my entire life – from Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Paris Je T’aime. Now that’s a range!

photo via movieweb

Does anyone remember this episode of Frasier? Frasier dates a gym teacher and he keeps imagining her as his old gym teacher tyrant. Oh man, so good. Hoskins, superb.

Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, this is how you age as an actor. Not by yelling, selling your ability and your integrity. :/

Happy Birthday, Echo

One of my closest friends has a birthday today. Since he has own online deal going, I’m not going to spoil it by putting up embarrassing pictures of him eating 3 lbs of gummi bears (although if any of his friends have embarrassing pictures they want to give me…)

But I wanted to say Happy Birthday, and here’s some other pretty awesome people who share your special day.

clockwise from top right: Bootsy Collins, Cary Elwes, Mahalia Jackson and Seth McFarlane. Yeah, you know, all the best!