Week in Review

This post will be without pictures because…well…because I didn’t take any. For shame!

Let’s see, this week I:

-FINALLY WON AN eBAY CAMERA AUCTION YAY! So, I will need some volunteers for test photos. Volunteers besides Tortilla.

-Went on an exhaustive shopping trip with my sis and niece,

-Did my workout (even though at times I don’t feel like it, and it feels like it isn’t doing any good weight-wise),

-Watched Dr. Oz. Normally this isn’t something I would admit as an amazing adventure in my week, but he had on Dr. Weil and Dr. Chopra, and the very last thing they talked about were headaches. Now naturally they admitted they neither of them have headaches (because there so much better than us who like to drink beer and eat OREOs), but Dr. Chopra had an exercise that is pretty phenomenal to employ when you feel a headache:

Close your eyes and place hands palms up in front of you. Breathe in, focusing on your heartbeat in your chest, focus all you awareness on your heartbeat, either as a sound or a feeling. Then, turn your awareness to your fingertips. Try to feel your heartbeat in your fingertips. (The cool thing about this is if you focus, you CAN feel it in your fingertips! DEEPAK CHOPRA IS A BLOOD WIZARD!) You have just pushed blood from your head into your limbs, taking away your headache! Pretty fancy.

-Also, thinking about packing for the move in 3 months is creeping into my mind. I am excited about packing everything and starting fresh, but does it have to be so long?

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