Coffee Love

Whenever I need my burger/Bloody Mary fix, I head on over to Burger Mary, because hello, it’s right in the name. Now, truth be told I don’t eat too many beef burgers, and Bloody Mary’s aren’t my style (no tomatoes for this Pepper), but I adore this blog. As she describes herself, “Australian by birth, Southern by the grace of capacity to eat,” you know whatever she is writing about, she means business!

And when she had a giveaway (FOR COFFEE!), you’d better believe I entered!And a huge surprise – I WON!I had never had Orleans Coffee and had to Google “chicory,” but after I had a cup, I didn’t need anyone to explain to me why I liked it so.

I think that’s James Dean’s “what’s that smell?” look.

Just opening the package and spooning in the grounds I knew this was a different kind of coffee. It looked pretty infused – meaning it had lots of little extras in the mix. Must be the chicory – and Orleans Love, maybe?

As I poured my first cup, I could hardly wait for it to go from scalding to safe to drink, but I could not stop smelling it. The chicory has a distinct and unique smell. I had never smelled any coffee like it.

I tried it first without sugar to get the full effect of the coffee, but I do like some sweets in my café, and zing! There it was – perfection. The chicory bonds incredibly well with the sugar and I am just a happy camper, plain and simple.

Now, I just need to figure out how to save up enough to travel to New Orleans to get the freshest possible cup of chicory coffee!

One thought on “Coffee Love

  1. SO glad you liked it! I drink it black too and am a bit of a heathen for doing so- technically it’s nearly always served “au lait” with milk in Nola. But Imma drink it however I want! Hehe. Enjoy!

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