Week in Review

Well, this week has been full of ups and downs. At work, I have been doing a project not related to my actual job at all and it was supposed to be over last week. Wishful thinking. I feel really crummy and uncreative when I feel like I am chained and only allowed to do this one thing. So hopefully today is the absolute last day and I can get back to my real job. If I can remember what that is.

But here’s the real week wrap up:

-I GOT MY CAMERA! I think the eBay seller knew I was checking the tracking info every hour for a week because he sent it at the very last possible moment. Blerg. But I got it, I cleaned it, I loaded film and I have only taken one picture but I. Am. In. LOVE.

A rare photo

The Beau just might murder me for putting his photo up here. Or make me take it down.

-I totally forgot that it was Space Week! Luckily I wrote about it last year, so you can read here.

-I won some coffee straight from New Orleans and it has chicory in it and now I want a garden full of chicory. Plus, it’s such a fun word to say.

Not pictured:

-It dipped way down into the 70s here in the valley, so I got to wear my amazing green pants that I will probably be wearing a little too much this fall! I’m not calling it fall yet, because it’s supposed to get back into the upper 90s next week, but fingers crossed that’s a fluke. Hello pants + tights!

-I found a recipe for apple cinnamon roll cupcakes that might stop my heart, and I am slowly putting together a rad Halloween costume, hehe.

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