Nom Nom Nom: Apple Cinnamon Pecan Rolls

Cinnamon rolls! Ride the sugar rush! Well, as you would not be surprised, I got this recipe from Paula Deen and I was very surprised that there was only one stick of butter used!

The above link has the recipe, but if you must know, I did make a few changes to make them mine:

Out of the 6.5 cups of flour, I substituted one cup with wheat flour. Actually, I ran out of regular flour and that was all we had – but I’m glad it worked that way because it is slightly healthier, hehe. I also used skim milk instead of regular milk. I also warmed the towels up before I put them on top of the bowl – you can either  warm them outside (because we live in AZ), or in the dryer (but that’s pretty energy wasteful) or pop them in the microwave for a few seconds, like I did.

When the recipe calls for you to brush the butter on, don’t skimp. If you still have butter leftover after brushing the tops, keep going! If you are going to make cupcakes as the recipe says, good luck trying to roll that dough log small enough to fit it in a cupcake tin!  I made mine into regular rolls and just brushed a casserole dish with butter.

Instead of making the glaze on top, I used an extra icing we got with some dessert sticks from a local pizza establishment. It probably isn’t as healthy as making my own, since I don’t know exactly what’s in there, but I am recycling and that should count!

I would post some more pictures, but yeah, they’re already gone. 🙂

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