Week in Review

What a week – let’s review!

I made some apple pecan cinnamon rolls that were gone entirely too quickly, and on the subject of apples, I stayed in my car to listen to this feature with an apple lover (whose cookbook is now on my library queue!) and it turns out The Beau was listening at the same time!

The editor of AZ Highways was on my local news station talking about their new issue and I can’t wait for it to come out. The amazing pictures they get always inspire me to get out and explore my own state. Which also inspired me to paint a little home state love.

I took a family portrait of my sis, SIL and neice with my new camera. I am totally in love and bought some color film I cannot wait to test out with sunsets and fall picnics.


Also, I was able to finish an obstacle at work that had been bothering me since the beginning of summer, so I feel like I’m Walking on Sunshine for most of the day. And on a Friday, that’s the best feeling I could hope for.

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