Week in Review

This week has been busy with food and fun!

pardon my blue language, I am still upset it’s too hot for sweaters.

Let’s see I:

  • Made pecan oatmeal cookies and pumpkin Cheerio treat bars (I could have sworn I got pictures of the cookies, but they are long gone, as always)
  • Had dinner with the family – always fun to laugh around platefuls of pizza!
  • did not know NPR had Science Fridays all the time! How did I not know?! Speaking of science, the Orionid meteor shower is peaking tomorrow…maybe I can talk The Beau into driving out of town to watch the show!
  • Made a newspaper snippet on this amazing generator. I foresee my pen pals and The Beau getting a lot of random “articles” I found. 🙂
  • Went on a fabulous bike ride that include secret underpass artwork, a babbling stream, a roadrunner, rabbit but not a javelina, and the above pictured rest stop that I always see from the freeway. Very serene ride.
  • Created then sent out a postcard made from a beer coaster (in honor of Oktoberfest)
  • am excited about getting my color packfilm in the mail today – more portrait photos await!

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