My List of Halloween Costume Idea Lists

photo via f*yeahnightmares

Yes, you read that right, my list of lists. If you enjoy making lists as much as I do (which is pretty odd for a right-brainer like me), then making lists of lists is the epitome of fun. All the research! When it all comes together you feel like a Knowledge Queen! Anyway, here are some of the great lists of Halloween costumes I have found.

-Yahoo’s 30 easy diy halloween ideas

-Of course, photojojo‘s ideas are photography related. (I love the grayscale/Pleasantville-style idea)

-not martha has a superb list of lists, too. This link to different drink based costumes is a great read.

Real Simple and Martha Stewart has some great family-oriented costumes.

-Most of these costume ideas from babble could be used for kids or adults. Those Fantastic Mr. Fox costumes, oh my goodness!

-SplitSider has a list of comedy-related halloween ideas that are pretty great. If I had short hair I would be Stefon for sure.

-I adore this website, take back halloween. Despite what society says, you don’t have to dress as a slutty ladybug, cop or whatever. You can dress clever and cool without a short skirt.

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